SEIU Local 509 Members Take Action & Win First Quality Care Fund!

Last week, the Massachusetts Legislature passed and The Governor signed a Supplemental Budget, which included the creation of the Quality Care Fund.

The Quality Care Fund has been a legislative priority for Local 509 for the last few years, and this budget will see our hard work pay off. This innovative program, which links increased job training to increased wages, will provide a fund of $1million for increased pay for human service workers, who get additional training. Although this wasn’t as much money as we wanted, it is a good start, which can be improved on in future years.

With this program in place, turnover would decrease, thus keeping the most experienced caregivers on the job and improving the quality of services in Massachusetts.

Hundreds of Local 509 Members, both state workers and private sector human workers, united to get this passed at the state house. Watch for more information about how your employer can apply for this money.

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