Mass Rehabilitation Commission – Annual Report

Judy Costello - Chapter President

It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since my last report. (Whoa, that sounds like I’m about to make a confession… don’t worry, I’m not.)

Our Chapter Executive Board members are, along with me: Pat Chabot and Rick Hanauer who also are our Joint Executive Board representatives; Corey Durham, Mike Tomasko, Dawn Davis, Dick Gates, Nancy Donovan, Lynne McDonald, Jamie Leader, Jen Cornette and John Agboola from the VR Division; Liz Mahoney from AO; and Matt Dichard, Aja James, Paul Davenport, Alan Dennen and Gary Small from DDS and Jerry Levinsky our Local 509 Field Rep. In addition to the work that they perform daily as the leaders in our Chapter some of them also serve on committees. Lynne and Rick are both representatives on an agency wide Governor’s Advisory Committee on Employee Safety and Health. Rick and Mike are both on the Committee for Joint Technology. We are all kept very busy but I hope anyone reading this knows that all of us try to get answers to your questions and work on your behalf to make MRC a better, fairer workplace.

Some of the things which we have accomplished this year are securing additional supervisor positions in VR, preventing layoffs when programs were downsized in the Administrative offices, convincing the EOHHS Administration to consider the downside of cubicles and EHS centers, and encouraging promotional opportunities in both VR and DDS. We continue to work with management towards mutual respect in the workplace. MRC has begun to backfill SES positions with QVRC’s rather than PC’s. This is a first step in getting the positions correctly classified. Recently, we were able to get a year’s extension for the members on ARRA positions who had not been able to transfer to vacant positions. These are a few of the things that are resolved or heading towards resolution. We still have a number of grievances both individual and class actions which are making their way through the grievance procedure. We appreciate all of the support of the members and are proud to represent you.

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