Short Term Disability Insurance

Colonial Life and Accident is Your SEIU 509 Authorized Short Term Disability Provider*

Colonial provides SEIU 509 members short term disability plans that protecttheirincome in the event an accident or sickness stops your pay.  This protection can be very important in these circumstances.   You design the plan to fit your individual needs and budget.  As an additional union benefit, your premium is payroll-deducted for your convenience.

Included in your short term disability plan is a limited maternity benefit payment.  Having a baby brings many added responsibilities.  One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is how to pay everyday essentials such as your car, groceries and gas.  Colonial Life’s disability coverage is designed to help you through this important time in your family’s life.

Please note: When you began employment with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, your employee benefits did not automatically include short term disability.  It is a union driven benefit. To be covered by Colonial’s Short-Term Disability, you mus personally enroll with your Colonial representatives Ben Graves or Mike Coakley at your worksite or by phone.

You can reach Ben or Mike at:

*Local 509 has allowed for payroll deduction for this insurance. You should decide for yourself if this insurance works for you.

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