DOR News – January 2012

Welcome to 2012 and hoping it will be happy and healthy for all

We continue our local office unity lunches with a visit to the Woburn office on 1/13/12.

Please plan to start the new year right by showing your Union unity and enjoying yourself.

The chapter will be holding its labor/management meeting on Wednesday 1/18 in Boston. If you have an issue that you would like considered bring it to the attention of a Chapter Board member. Some of the issues to be discussed are caseload size, hiring eco’s, additions to CSB bilingual staff, new q.c.positions, transfers and training.

As management continues to increase case load size I would like to remind our members again that you are contracted to work 37.5 hours. Complete the work you can in the time available, if a back log develops just let your supervisor know that you have to much work to finish.  Anyone threatened with discipline should see their Union Rep immediately.

I would like to welcome Charles Penta of the CSB Unit to our Chapter Board. Charles has been an active Union Steward and will bring knowledge and experience to the position.

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