Contact Your Legislators to Support a Fair Budget

The House and the Senate have both passed their state budgets for the upcoming year, but before the budget goes to Governor Patrick’s desk, the differences between the House and Senate versions need to be worked out. There are a number of issues that are very important to Local 509 members that are up for debate in the Conference Committee that works out the differences.

In order to make sure that our concerns are included in the final budget, we urge all members to contact their legislators to tell them how important these changes would be to them and the individuals that we work with. Click the links below to contact your legislators today.

  • Prevent the Closure of Taunton State Hospital: Stop and Study – Calls for a comprehensive study of the actual mental health services available in our state and what is needed before we allow the closure of Taunton State Hospital or cuts to any other services.
  • Human Services Salary Reserve – Provides a long overdue pay increase for private sector human service workers, most of whom make $9-$10 an hour. A Salary Reserve is vital as well because it includes language that requires that salary reserve increases be above and beyond any already negotiated pay increases.
  • Increase DTA Funding – As caseloads continue to rise at DTA, it is vital that we have the staff to process these requests in an efficient and accurate manor.
  • DDS FY13 budget priorities – Service Coordinators provide case management, safety, monitoring and oversight for the DDS population. Since 2008, 82 Service Coordinator positions have been lost — despite increases in the population of vulnerable citizens that need these services.

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