Update from SEIU International Convention in Denver

Derek Goodwin and I had the pleasure of attending the SEIU conference in Denver last week.

Some of the convention highlights were:

Both Derek and DCF President Peter MacKinnon gave inspiring talks to the convention from the floor regarding amendments, hopefully these will soon be available on the 509 web site.

Union leadership is listening to members on issues taking a bottom up approach instead of just dictating.

More training will be offered around Union issues and developing future leaders.

The attendance reflected the diversity of SEIU membership.

The 99 % issue is world wide for all those seeking a just society.

The Union will be devoting time and money to elect and reelect those politicians who support issues of the 99 % and hold them accountable after election.

President Obama addressed the convention via closed circuit television giving a moving speach to support our issues.

Elections were also held for internal Union officers. We can all be proud that our own President Susan Tougsinant was among those elected to national office.

There was also an ample amount of time to meet delegates from other areas.┬áIt’s good to be from MA as we are not facing the cuts and obstacles that many others are.

Next convention scheduled in four years for Detroit.

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