DOR Chapter News – September 2012

We are pleased to announce that the Local 509 Career Ladder Committee (John Tortelli, Keven Milan, Chris Landry and Nicole Poulin-DiCaprio) are currently engaged in talks with management on the possibility of trying to restructure some of our positions to merit a grade increase. This invitation to sit down came after our recent meeting with Commissioner Amy Pitter where we (the Local) stressed the need for some kind of a career ladder and separation of duties between grades. We are most appreciative of the opportunity and hope to make the most of it for our members. If you have any suggestions as always went want to hear them, please pass along to a Chapter Board member.

Another recent accomplishment has been reaching agreement with management on the use of travel time for those workers who wish to participate in Comets HD development. The Department should be issuing guidelines shortly and we hope this will encourage those of you distant from Chelsea to participate as this new system will be your future.

We continue to be hopeful on reaching an agreement on Telecommuting but the current offer on the table would only cover about 3% of the 509 membership. Hopefully this can be expanded to make all who want eligible.

A number of us on the Chapter Board are contemplating retirement in the next few years so this is a perfect time for younger members to come and learn the ropes. New ideas are always welcome and appreciated. The Union itself is also looking for members to become active on many different issues, many of which do not require much time on your part. Watch the Union emails and web site for opportunities to become the best member you can.

The Best
John Tortelli, DOR Chapter President

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