DOR Chapter Update – December 2012

Unfortunately Local 509 has not been able to come to an agreement with Management regarding telecommuting for our members.. The basic reason for this can be found within the agreement itself which states: Employees will use only government owned computer equipment when performing official duties. Employees who are allowed to telecommute should never use their own equipment….

509 has only 15 members who have been issued company lap tops which represents only 3.5 % of our membership. These lap tops are currently being used for DTA and court duty.We offered many suggestions such as purchasing a limited number of rotating lap tops for each office but were informed this was not possible. With no hope of that number expanding we thought it best to leave the door open for a future agreement when many of our members could be eligible.

Maybe when it’s time to replace our current desk top terminals we can all be issued lap tops instead. Now that makes sense and could make us all eligible to participate in this program.

Thank you to those who have signed up to become Stewards and take the training which is offered. If you did not get into the current session there will be others in the near future.

Please take the opportunity to stop by the Union open house on Dec 11 from 5 to 7 and introduce yourself.

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.

John Tortelli

Chapter Elections Update

Congratulations to Jim Cunningham who won the chapter election for Secretary of Grievances.
Thank you to all who participated as both candidates and voters.

The votes were as follows:

Cunningham 68
Landry 39
Barile 9
Joseph 7

In the Union wide election Israel Pierre was elected Treasure with 794 votes to Arthur Casey’s 631. Chris Crean is our new Recording Secretary with 899 votes.

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