Important Workplace Safety Documents for DCF Members

Have you ever been made to feel that your safety at work is minimized — or that administrators aren’t listening to valid concerns?

Safety of our members during the workday is of the utmost importance to our Union. And to make sure appropriate attention is devoted to workplace safety, we have negotiated a Workplace Violence Prevention Policy with DCF — designed to ensure that everyone stays safe while carrying out our important work in the community.

Our Union leadership team has also put together a Member Safety Tip Sheet to ensure that everyone is fully aware of what is expected of the agency to keep members safe. Please take a moment to review this tip sheet and get up to speed on the existing violence prevention policy.

Together, we can ensure that worker safety remains the agency’s top priority.

Thank you again for all you do!

Peter MacKinnon
DCF Chapter President

Anthony Labo
DCF Vice President & Safety Committee Chair

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