SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry: Victory for LGBT Workers as ENDA Passes Senate

Victory for LGBT Workers as ENDA Passes Senate
House Must Consider Civil Rights Bill Without Delay

 After the U.S. Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), Mary Kay Henry, President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), issued the following statement:

“Today’s vote in the Senate is a huge victory for LGBT workers across America who live in states where they have no protection against discrimination and bigotry on the job. But while passing ENDA through the Senate marks great progress, there is still an enormous amount of work to do to make it law.

“As is often the case these days, the burden now rests on the House to finish the job – ‘The People’s House.’ Americans overwhelmingly support federal protection for workers against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Yet, Speaker Boehner has made his opposition to ENDA quite clear, citing absurd reasons like frivolous lawsuits and lost jobs. If Speaker Boehner prevents ENDA from receiving a fair up or down vote in the House, he will find himself in history textbooks as the Speaker who prevented landmark civil rights legislation from becoming law. The House must pass ENDA and carry out the will of the American people.”


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