SEIU President Mary Kay Henry: It’s About the People behind the ACA Numbers

Marketplace Enrollment Infographic 111313SEIU President Mary Kay Henry offered this statement today in response to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ release of enrollment numbers for the federal marketplace under the Affordable Care Act:

“Before the new federal marketplace opened on Oct. 1, the vast majority of Americans knew very little about the Affordable Care Act and the that fact that it offered a future of more secure, lower-cost healthcare coverage that could transform their lives and their health.

“By now most people have heard about the insurance coverage available under the new law, and today’s figures show that more than 26 million people are exploring their options. More than 500,000 Americans are well on their way to affordable coverage, based on individuals who have picked a plan or qualified for expanded Medicaid coverage.

“Today’s numbers also show that in states where governors, healthcare providers, faith leaders, labor and business are working together, the law is working and saving lives. Where obstructionism and foot-dragging rule the day, hard-working Americans are being left behind.

“For the past six weeks, thousands of SEIU nurses, doctors, librarians and child care providers and our partners in local communities have done everything we can to close this knowledge gap about the benefits of the law, while far-right Republicans have done nothing but convene hearings to obstruct, delay or take away healthcare from the very people they are supposed to represent.

“They are supposed to represent Americans like Cecilia Fontenot of Houston, who is uninsured and cannot afford a follow-up mammogram. Ms. Fontenot is not a number; she’s a person whose life may be hanging in the balance.

“And when working Americans have had serious questions about how the law works for them, SEIU nurses and doctors on the front lines of healthcare have not said the law is perfect, but instead, ‘we will do everything we can to address your concerns and help improve the law.’

“Given all that is at stake for individuals like Ms. Fontenot, working families are wondering why more Republicans in Congress are not capable of standing up and doing the same thing.”


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