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Adjunct Op-Ed ImageIn Sunday’s Boston Globe, Jay Atkinson lays bare the ‘Walmartization’ of higher education in the US, where reliance on a low-paid, no-benefit adjunct workforce has become pervasive at top colleges and universities:

“Adjuncts are referred to as ‘part-time,’ but that’s a misnomer. To make a living, adjuncts often work for abysmal pay at several colleges during the same term, without medical or retirement benefits, decent office space, or compensation for attending academic seminars or faculty meetings.”

Jay’s point is echoed by thousands of fellow faculty members who have gained a voice on the job through SEIU’s Adjunct Action efforts, which have steadily gained momentum in the Boston area in recent months. Here’s why: out of the 58 four-year private colleges in Greater Boston, 67% of the educators are classified as adjunct faculty.

So as tuition continues to skyrocket at most leading institutions, one has to ask: if the money doesn’t go to the classroom, where does it go?

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