Leadership Job Descriptions

Participants in the 2014 ‘Real Time Strategic Change’ summit overwhelmingly agreed that the union must  “create a culture of accountability and high standards for every leadership role in the union.” To reach that goal, the resulting Accountability Workgroup established job duties for all union officers, which were then forwarded on for a formal vote.

The following job descriptions and duties were approved by the SEIU509 Joint Executive Board to ensure all leaders understand the expectations and accountability for the use of back-off time.




  • Lead Chapter Executive Board (CEB) meetings
  • Attend President’s Advisory meetings to advise Local President on Chapter issues
  • Attend monthly Joint Executive Board meetings
  • Review minutes from CEB meetings
  • Represent chapter at meetings with state agencies
  • Attend contract and impact bargaining sessions as appropriate
  • Educate and communicate with their membership
  • Chair membership meetings when appropriate
  • Appoint members to Chapter committees
  • Contact with Employers as higher level union representative when appropriate
  • Support to elected officers and chapter stewards
  • Develop new leaders
  • Manage Chapter budget
  • Sign off on expenses
  • Ensure representation of members across regions/divisions/worksites
  • Recruit stewards/activists
  • Function as steward, bargaining team member, etc. in own agency as appropriate
  • Assist stewards in dealing with cross-agency issues
  • Interact with Local 509 staff
  • Enforce by-laws of the Local
  • Enforce contract(s)
  • Media spokesperson for Chapter
  • Maintain communication with JEB and Chapter Board
  • Testify on bills/ lobby
  • Monitor Federal and state legislation
  • Build and maintain relationships with outside agencies
  • Work with CEB and staff to develop legislative and state budget priorities
  • Work with CEB and staff to develop chapter wide issues and strategies to address them
  • Advocate for chapter priorities within the Local
  • Promote union wide issues/campaigns among the membership



  • Communicate with membership
  • Liaison between members and management/members and union
  • Enforce contract
  • Hold regular membership meetings
  • Organize union actions
  • Advise members on political issues
  • Support other VP’s
  • Crisis management at worksites
  • Recruit and train new leaders
  • Advise and support Chapter President
  • Mentor new leaders
  • Chair Committees (as applicable)
  • Responsible for area/regional grievances, including Step II where applicable
  • Support, advise and recruit stewards
  • Coercive appeals (DTA chapter only)
  • Manage union bulletin board
  • Distribute union information (printed and electronic) to stewards
  • Organize area/regional labor management meetings
  • Participate in statewide labor management meetings
  • Organize steward meetings
  • Recruit and manage stewards
  • Chapter impact bargaining
  • Keeper of records/files/notes
  • Negotiations support for contract
  • May act as steward, as needed



  • Attend monthly Joint Executive Board (JEB) meeting
  • Approve local budget
  • Keep union members updated on Union events and activities and JEB decisions
  • Recruit new members and train them as leaders
  • Promote solidarity among members
  • May present at new staff orientation
  • Welcome and orient new members
  • Educating members on union political structure and procedures
  • Organizing meetings with the stewards at job sites
  • Enforce ethical responsibility
  • Enforce contract
  • Enforce by-laws of the Local
  • Promote coalition building (team building)
  • Participation in JEB meeting as appropriate
  • Assist with interpretation of the contract
  • Resource for members on union issues
  • Represent the union at community events as appropriate
  • Promote union wide issues/campaigns among the membership
  • Ensure members’/chapters concerns are addressed by JEB
  • Participate in developing local-wide issues and strategies



  • Attend Chapter Executive Board meetings
  • File motions, vote, approve chapter budget, and record minutes as needed
  • Assist with setting agenda for Chapter Board
  • Answer member email and calls
  • Maintain flow of information from members to leadership of Chapter and Local
  • Project assignments from Chapter President
  • Organize legislative lunches
  • Participate in contract negotiations as appropriate
  • Recruit stewards/activists
  • May type up and distribute minutes
  • Promote union issues/campaigns among the membership
  • Communicate to members actions of the CEB
  • Update new member/member contact information
  • Participate in union leadership activities in own agency
  • Represent the chapter at meetings with state agencies, legislators, outside groups
  • Act as spokesperson for the union as appropriate
  • Participate in bargaining as appropriate
  • Attend Chapter Board meetings: file motions/ vote, approve Chapter Budget, record minutes
  • Conduct/attend meetings at worksite
  • Problem solve at worksites
  • Post meeting notices and other union information
  • Enforce by-laws of the Local
  • Enforce contract
  • Promote union’s issues/campaigns among the membership



  • Address worksite issues as needed– in communication with Chapter Leadership and Field Representative
  • Participate in labor management meetings as appropriate
  • Write, file, argue and follow up on grievances in communication with Field Representative
  • Welcome and orient new members, collect membership cards
  • Collect Committee on Political Education (COPE) cards where allowed
  • Advisor on contract questions
  • Interpret and enforce contract
  • Call and conduct meetings to communicate with members
  • Represent the union at community events as appropriate
  • Resolve issues informally
  • Represent members at Weingarten meetings
  • Represent members at worksite
  • Share information from local with members
  • Share info from members with local leaders
  • Attend and chair local labor management meetings
  • Advise members on remedial plans
  • Assist and train other stewards
  • Inform members of local’s issues/campaigns and solicit participation
  • Participate in negotiations as appropriate (contract, mid-term)

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