Take Action to Stop the Attack on Earned Sick Time!

Urge your legislators to reject Senator Mike Rodrigues’ attempt to stall implementation of Earned Sick Time for working families!

Last fall, a vast majority of voters across the Commonwealth approved the Earned Sick Time ballot initiative. This critical legislation guarantees that every worker can earn up to 40 hours of sick time each year to care for themselves or the health of their families.

Despite overwhelming support in his own district and beyond, Senator Mike Rodrigues (Westport) is attempting to delay implementation of Earned Sick Time for working families. If his amendment is successful, more than a million workers could stand to lose a paycheck — or even their jobs — just for falling ill or needing to care for a sick child.

Rodrigues Earned Sick Time Attack Feature_580p

The vote on this amendment is coming up soon, so it is important that our Representatives and Senators hear from us right away. We need to send a clear message that Amendment 19 — and all other attempts to roll back Earned Sick Time for working families — must be defeated. Please take a moment to contact your Representative and Senator today.

As always, please feel free to contact Legislative & Political Director Chris Condon with any questions you may have.

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