FacultyForward Letter of Solidarity with Student Protesters

Faculty Forward MA Logo_rsOur society teaches us that higher education has always been the vehicle to open doors to opportunity for all. However, universities in the United States are failing to keep this promise. Increasingly, universities and colleges focus on revenue and profit at the expense of students, particularly students of color.

Across the country, students are protesting, demanding that universities prioritize investing in students, faculty and staff of color. We, as adjunct and contingent faculty of colleges and universities in Massachusetts, stand with the protesting students. We call on higher education in the United States to create opportunity, develop safe spaces, and establish fairness for students of color. As contingent faculty, we have seen the profit-seeking mentality that has kept us from decent pay, benefits and job security. This is just one of the ways in which campus administrations have strayed from the path of social justice and equity.

In solidarity with Black students and other students of color across the country — we call on the leaders of higher education to act urgently, and to make racial justice an immediate priority on their campuses.


Joan Atlas, Bentley University
Sarah Slavick, Lesley University
Thomas Johnson, Bentley University
Beth D. Williams-Breault, Lesley University
Aimee Sands, Bentley University
Annabel Dodd , Northeastern University
Clarissa Sawyer, Bentley University
Cal Ramsdell , Northeastern University
Jay Atkinson, Boston University
Casey Alexander, Northeastern University
Harrel Blatt, Boston University
Jessica D’Atri, Northeastern University
Antoinette Delmonico, Boston University
Patricia Davidson, Northeastern University
Laurie LaPorte, Boston University
Anne Fleche, Northeastern University
James R. McCartney, Boston University
Pete Fraunholtz, Northeastern University
Marie McDonough, Boston University
Abigail Machson-Carter, Northeastern University
Antonio Ochoa, Boston University
Haley Malm, Northeastern University
Paul Pelan, Boston University
William Shimer, Northeastern University
Robert Thomas, Boston University
Christine Cousineau, Tufts University
Michelle Walsh, Boston University
Patricia F. Di Silvo, Tufts University
Cynthia Phillips, Brandeis University
Rebecca Gibson, Tufts University
Kelley Ready, Brandeis University
Peggy Hutaff, Tufts University
Amy Todd, Brandeis University
Andy Klatt, Tufts University
Marc Weinberg, Brandeis University
Elizabeth B. Lemons, Tufts University
Norah Dooley, Lesley University
Penn Loh, Tufts University
Celia Morris, Lesley University
Claire Schub, Tufts University
Eleanor Roffman, Lesley University
Sheriden Thomas, Tufts University

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