Local 509’s Dawn Davis on the Friedrichs Attack on Public Workers: “I’ve had enough”

Today I have one task at hand: lifting my voice to help ensure working families don’t lose our power to join together — to have a say in our working conditions, wages and other issues that impact the critical services we provide.

Right now, I’m in Washington, DC with hundreds of social workers, mental health providers, teachers and first responders. Our delegation is in front of the Supreme Court to fight the latest attempt to stop people from joining together to improve our lives and our communities. 

Wealthy special interests have pushed a bad lawsuit — the Friedrichs case — all the way to the Supreme Court. This case aims to roll back all the gains we’ve made over the years — from public workers’ wages and benefits to the funding and reforms we’ve secured to improve vital services. That’s why I’m speaking out today. 

Click here to share a video on some of our recent victories — and how we are fighting back against this attack on working families. 

The big corporations and billionaires who run them know that when people join together in unions, we make major gains for our families and our communities. Here in Massachusetts, we’ve won higher wages for low-income workers, invested millions in early education and child protection, and ensured everyone can take time off to care for themselves or a loved one when ill. 

The billionaire class sees our progress as a threat, so they’re working hard to manipulate the rules in their favor. The Friedrichs case is their latest attempt to limit our ability to work together for positive change.
No matter what may come of this case, we can’t afford to let them win.

If you believe, as I do, that our collective voice is what makes our workplaces and communities strong, then I hope you’ll share this video to help inform friends and colleagues. It’s up to all of us to stand up and speak out for ourselves and the populations we serve.

In solidarity, 

Dawn Davis
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Supervisor
MRC Chapter President, SEIU Local 509 

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