509 Election Policies and Procedures

In accordance with Federal Law and longstanding SEIU Local 509 Policy, SEIU Local 509 resources may not be used to assist any member’s campaign for elected Local 509 office.

Local 509 members and officers are encouraged to engage in vigorous debate on all issues and for contests for elected Local 509 office. However, no member, elected official, employee or other agent of Local 509 shall use Local 509’s name, its logo, its stationery, its lists (other than those provided by Local 509 expressly for this election) or other resources to communicate with the membership to support or oppose a candidate for Local 509 elected office.

You may not use staff time if you are employed by Local 509 or back-off time if you have employer paid back-off from work. It is also illegal to use employer supplied resources to assist in a campaign.

In addition, The Local and International Union Constitutions incorporate the following provisions:

“No candidate (including prospective candidate) for any International office or office in a Local Union or affiliated body or supporter of a candidate may solicit or accept financial support or any other direct or indirect support of any kind from any non-member of the International Union.” You may not contribute to a candidate’s campaign unless you are a member of SEIU. 

If you have any questions, please direct them to Jenny Bauer, the administrative liaison to the Election Committee. 


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