NEWS: Brandeis University and Part-Time Faculty Ratify Contract

Brandeis’ part-time faculty, members of SEIU Local 509, have reached their first-ever contract with the Brandeis administration. Among the historic gains in the contract, highlights include:

  • Significant pay increases: All faculty will see pay increases in every year of the contract. The lowest-paid adjunct faculty will see the greatest increases. Those with the most experience will get 25% more over 3 years.
  • Job security and income stability: Part-time and adjunct faculty will be eligible for multi-year appointments and protections against reduction in teaching load — and thus income — from year to year. Class cancellations will not affect eligibility for benefits.
  • Rewarding longevity: Adjunct faculty will have their base per-course rates increased for longevity, in addition to across-the-board raises guaranteed every year.
  • Professional Development: Brandeis will create a $25,000 professional development fund each year. Faculty who have taught at Brandeis for at least one year and are teaching two courses or their equivalent can apply for up to $2,500.

Equally historic, the university and SEIU Local 509 released a joint statement regarding the contract (below). To arrange interviews with faculty involved in the contract bargaining, call (413) 374-6370.


For immediate release
May 10, 2017

Brandeis University and Part-Time Faculty Ratify Contract 

Three-year agreement with SEIU Local 509 improves wages and teaching conditions for more than 280 faculty at the Waltham campus

WALTHAM, MA – Part-time faculty at Brandeis University have ratified a three-year contract with the university, the first since part-time faculty formed a union with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 509 in December 2015. The contract addresses improvements in job security, compensation, and professional development. It also represents a key step toward ensuring increased participation of part-time faculty in discussions that affect their work. The agreement is the result of a negotiation process between Brandeis administrators and SEIU Local 509 that was characterized by mutual respect and collegiality.

In a joint statement in the agreement, Brandeis and the union said:

“The Union and the University value and respect the role of the Faculty Members covered by this Agreement as essential contributors to a learning community. Our relationship is characterized by a spirit of professionalism, collegiality, civility, and cooperation toward a common objective of providing an exceptional educational experience for the University’s students.

We believe in communication, mutual respect, and meaningful involvement of part-time Faculty Members in working towards this common objective. The Union recognizes and supports the commitment of the University to provide the best in educational opportunities to all students. The University recognizes and respects the Union’s commitment to advocating for the interests of its members.”

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