NEWS: Tufts Grad Students Make History with Vote to Join SEIU Local 509

‘UNION YES’ vote by Tufts is SEIU’s second Boston-area graduate student unionization win in the last three weeks

Boston, MA — Graduate students at Tufts University have overwhelmingly voted to form a union, deciding by a wide margin to join SEIU Local 509. Tufts graduate students are just the latest Boston-area educators to join SEIU 509 Faculty Forward, which currently represents nearly 4,000 non-tenure-track and adjunct faculty in the area. Graduate student workers at Tufts join their part-time lecturer and full-time non-tenure track colleagues as members of Local 509.

“Coming together to form a union gives Tufts graduate students a clear way to make sure all of us are compensated and treated fairly,” said Anna Phillips, Ph.D. student in Physics at Tufts. “I am proud of today’s win and looking forward to graduate students having a seat at the table for decisions that impact our ability to do the teaching and research that we love.”

The vote at Tufts represents the second successful graduate student unionization vote at a private institution in the Boston area since the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)’s August 2016 ruling to allow grad student workers at private institutions to unionize. Graduate students at Brandeis University voted to join SEIU Local 509 on May 2.

“Creating a union allows us not only to advocate for ourselves, but to build understanding across departments and disciplines at Tufts about graduate student working conditions,” said James Rizzi, Ph.D. candidate in English at Tufts. “Today’s election is a win for current graduate students and lays the foundation for those who come after us to build upon.”

The election occurred by mail, and votes were counted today at the Boston office of the National Labor Relations Board.  To arrange an interview with Tufts graduate students leading the movement to unionize, contact Christie Stephenson: (413) 374-6370.

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