509’s Elise Simpson in the Worcester Telegram

A leader within 509’s MRC chapter, Elise Simpson, wrote a letter to the editor that was featured in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. In the letter, Elise responds to a recent story shining a light on private human service agencies spending a disproportionate amount of state funding increases on administrative growth and CEO pay. As Elise writes:

To me, this article showed that not only are human services agencies failing to invest in direct care staff, they also do not respect the people they are paid to serve. I think it’s an outrage that a CEO is paid nearly a million dollars annually while the workers caring for clients everyday do not even make $13 an hour. Yet this is exactly what’s happening right here in Worcester at Seven Hills. I fear this will continue unless our elected officials hold these agencies accountable for bringing their front-line workers closer to a living wage and a sustainable career.

Click here to read the full letter.

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