SEIU Local 509 Responds to Latest Group Insurance Committee Vote to Saddle State Employees with Rising Health Care Costs

In response to the Group Insurance Commission’s (GIC) vote to drastically reduce the number of health insurance choices for state workers, Peter MacKinnon, President of SEIU Local 509 released the following statement:

“Working people throughout Massachusetts are grappling with the rising cost of medical coverage, including state workers who go to work everyday to serve the people of the Commonwealth. Yet time and again, the Group Insurance Commission has voted to make workers bear the brunt of out of control health care costs, instead of tackling the crisis with providers.

“State employees have earned the basic freedom to choose the doctors and networks that are best for their families, yet today, the GIC voted to drastically cut the number of plans available to them. Though we will take the coming days and weeks to closely review the changes, it is evident that the GIC has taken a bad situation and made it far worse with this anti-consumer vote. The union’s top priority is to help fight back against these drastic changes to our members’ healthcare and help keep the continuity of care that they and their families deserve.

“When you work on the front lines serving the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable, the work is extraordinarily difficult and the choices are never easy. The Group Insurance Commission routinely takes the easy way out by scapegoating workers for rising health care costs, instead of meaningfully addressing it with the providers who are spiralling costs out of control.”

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