SEIU 509 IST chapter improves working conditions

This year, the Institutional School Teachers chapter accomplished the following wins:

  • First, we have successfully convinced management that IST academic teachers should have the same sick-time formula as all other Department of Corrections employees. Now, IST academic teachers will now earn 1.5 more sick days per year.
  • Second, we successfully negotiated a proposed management change to the 2018-19 school year calendar for Ed Specs. Management requested to have a mandatory week off moved from the end of August to the end of July, which would have given the vocational calendar’s 22 weeks of instruction without a break. The final week in August was reinstated due to union meeting with management.
  • Third, we saved Part Two of our new Supplementary Agreement to preserve workers’ rights and ensure that we are paid for any additional work-weeks that could be added to our school year in the future.

Thank you IST members for your hard work to date! If you have any questions, contact our IST Chapter President Linda Delman at

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