Action Alert: Stop the Public Charge Rule

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Stop The Public Charge Rule

We need your help. The Trump administration hopes to implement a new “public charge” rule that would penalize legal immigrants seeking permanent resident status for accessing public aid or federal cash welfare, including food stamps, Section 8 Housing, and Medicaid.
As 509 members, we know this proposed law will hurt our fellow members, their families, and the people we serve. But we also know this law will affect our workplaces. From DTA to DCF, our members will be on the front lines of implementing this law if it goes into effect.
For now, the public charge rule is still just a proposal. The government is accepting comments from the public until December 10. The rule cannot be final until after the comment period ends and the government reviews and responds to all comments.

It’s time to speak up and take a stand! It’s easy to write a short comment. Can you join our campaign?

No one should have to choose between caring for their family and a future in America. When our friends, neighbors, and the people we serve are in fear of getting immunizations, going hungry, or losing their housing–we are all affected. That’s why the Trump administration needs to hear from you.
In solidarity,
Peter MacKinnon, President, SEIU Local 509
Israel Pierre, Treasurer, SEIU Local 509

P.S. Learn more about the proposed Public Charge rule here.

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