SEIU 509 Statement in Support of the Addressing Barriers to Care Act

“SEIU Local 509 is proud to endorse the Addressing Barriers to Care Act. As a union of Massachusetts health and human service workers, providing affordable and accessible mental health care is our life’s work. It is also the belief our union was founded upon.

From DCF social workers to mental health clinicians, our members have witnessed firsthand the effects a broken mental health care system has on every facet of our society. Barriers to care have a ripple effect that extends well beyond the patient and into the lives of their loved ones and the communities they live in.

That is why the ABC Act is so critical. It implements true reform to affirm that mental health care IS health care. As we begin to break down the stigmas surrounding mental health, the system must meet the demand. Acute mental health care should be accessible and affordable to all, without patients jumping through administrative hoops to get the urgent support they need.

SEIU Local 509 looks forward to joining legislators and allies of the ABC Act as they work toward its quick passage. And we are especially grateful to Senators Friedman and Cyr, and Senate President Spilka for sharing their personal stories of courage and their tremendous stewardship of this critical legislation.”

-Peter MacKinnon, President, SEIU Local 509


SEIU Local 509 represents nearly 20,000 human service workers and educators throughout Massachusetts. Local 509 members are united in our mission to raise living standards for working families while improving the quality and affordability of the services we provide. For more information, or to speak with one of our mental health care providers, please contact Megan Piccirillo at (973) 668-8999.

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