Leadership Opportunities & Elections

As Local 509 member, there are many opportunities to become more involved in your union. Make sure to bookmark this page as we update it frequently with new leadership vacancies and monthly nomination deadlines.

For additional details on the member-led selection process, please reference the 2018 General Election Policies & Procedures manual.


Below you will find the list of opportunities to serve on the SEIU 509 Unionwide Trustee, Joint Executive Board (JEB) and Chapter Executive Boards (CEBs). If you are interested in running for a seat — or nominating a colleague — please follow these instructions:

  • Submit nominations for vacancies in writing to Jenny Bauer by email (jbauer@seiu509.org), fax (508-485-8529), or US mail (293 Boston Post Road West, 4th Floor, Marlborough, MA 01752). When submitting the e-mail, please put “Nomination” in the subject line.
  • Nominations will be accepted on a quarterly basis. If we receive more than one nomination for a seat, an election will be held.
  • Only members in good standing are eligible for nomination. Members may nominate themselves or be nominated by fellow SEIU 509 members. The member doing the nominating also needs to be a member in good standing.
  • Vacancies remain posted and completely up to date. Nominations are accepted quarterly: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 12 (The Annual Meeting).

When submitting the e-mail, please put “Nomination” in the subject line.

CONGRATS to our new leadership team!

The results are in! With all votes tallied, SEIU Local 509 members have elected our next leadership team. Peter MacKinnon will serve as president of our union, alongside Israel Pierre as our treasurer and Ivette Hernandez as our recording secretary. (See below for more details about our many election results.)

Local 509 takes pride in our long-held reputation as a thoroughly democratic union. All members are encouraged to participate by supporting candidates of your choice, submitting amendment proposals, nominating colleagues for leadership positions or running for office yourself.

Nominations for these leadership positions were accepted on October 15 as a record number of human service workers and educators gathered in Westborough for the Local 509 Annual Meeting. In that gathering, we learned more about how we’re building our strength across Massachusetts, met with some of the Commonwealth’s leading elected officials. Dozens of us also stepped up to take action in support of the Fair Share Amendment, Fight for $15, and a host of other important causes.

It has been an exciting year for our union, with a promising string of victories in our new organizing efforts, contract negotiations and on the broader public policy front. We look forward to seeing how these leaders will build on recent organizing and contract victories to set a future course for our union and the communities we serve.

Congratulations to our newly elected leadership team!

Candidates will officially be sworn into office at our December 13th JEB meeting held at our union headquarters.

Click here to for a summary of votes cast in contested races.

Click here for the 2016 Election Guide (PDF).

Click here to full screen the detailed spreadsheet below (Google Spreadsheet).

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509News 2016 Union Election Edition

With the 2016 nominating meeting behind us, elections for local-wide and chapter offices are now underway. This issue of 509News includes all statements submitted by candidates in contested races. (Statements are printed as written without editing, according to the Local 509 General Election Policies & Procedures) — along with balloting instructions, reports on recent victories and an Annual Meeting recap.

Click here to view 509News in full screen.

Con las nominaciones atrás de nosotros las elecciones para las posiciones locales de todos los capítulos de nuestra oficina ya están en camino. La noticia de 509 incluye todas las declaraciones de parte de los candidatos quienes se están postulado para una posición política en el sindicado. (Las declaraciones son imprimidas y no son editadas acuerdo a las Pólizas y Procedimientos de la Elecciones Generales del sindicado Local 509) — junto con las instrucciones de la votación, los informes sobre las victorias recientes y una recapitulación de la Reunión Anual.

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The SEIU509 Annual Report (2016)

The 2016 Annual Report is now available online. In addition to reports from President Tousignant, Treasurer Israel Pierre and Secretary Christine Crean, the Annual Report also includes financial statements, recaps from chapter presidents and a host of new initiatives Local 509 launched over the past year.

Click here to view in full screen.

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509 Election Policies and Procedures

In accordance with Federal Law and longstanding SEIU Local 509 Policy, SEIU Local 509 resources may not be used to assist any member’s campaign for elected Local 509 office.

Local 509 members and officers are encouraged to engage in vigorous debate on all issues and for contests for elected Local 509 office. However, no member, elected official, employee or other agent of Local 509 shall use Local 509’s name, its logo, its stationery, its lists (other than those provided by Local 509 expressly for this election) or other resources to communicate with the membership to support or oppose a candidate for Local 509 elected office.

You may not use staff time if you are employed by Local 509 or back-off time if you have employer paid back-off from work. It is also illegal to use employer supplied resources to assist in a campaign.

In addition, The Local and International Union Constitutions incorporate the following provisions:

“No candidate (including prospective candidate) for any International office or office in a Local Union or affiliated body or supporter of a candidate may solicit or accept financial support or any other direct or indirect support of any kind from any non-member of the International Union.” You may not contribute to a candidate’s campaign unless you are a member of SEIU. 

If you have any questions, please direct them to Jenny Bauer, the administrative liaison to the Election Committee. 


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509News | Summer 2016

You should have already received your copy of the 509News in the mail, but you can also access and download here. Read more about some of our recent victories, the upcoming 509 Leadership elections and how to obtain new member benefits.

Click here to view the newsletter in full screen.

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2016 Union Elections: Offices to be Nominated

Below are the offices to be nominated at the 2016 Annual Meeting.

Click here for the 2016 Election Guide (PDF).

Click here to full screen the detailed spreadsheet below (Google Spreadsheet).

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2016 Union Elections: Candidate Statement Guidelines

A special edition of 509 News will be published for the election, and candidates for contested union offices may submit a statement for publication. Candidates’ statements must be transmitted by email or typed, double-spaced, on plain white paper – and must be received no later than 12:00pm noon on Monday, October 24, 2016.

Send statements by email to jbauer@seiu509.org or by mail to:

SEIU Local 509
c/o Jenny Bauer
293 Boston Post Rd, West
Marlborough, MA 01752

NOTE: Candidates must submit statements in correct, proofread form. 509 News editors will not make any changes – including correction of errors like misspellings or typos.

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2016 Union Elections: Notice of Nominations

Nominations for all Local 509 elected offices will take place on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at the Local 509 Annual Meeting – held at the Doubletree Hotel in Westborough, MA. This includes nominations for all union-wide offices – President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Trustees (3), and Sergeant-at-Arms – as well as other Joint Executive Board and Chapter Board officers.


  • Ballots will be mailed to each member’s last known address on November 7, 2016.
  • Ballots must be returned to the designated PO Box no later than December 5, 2016.

Ballots will be counted on December 7, 2016 at the Local 509 office by Election Services United. In each contest, the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes will be elected.

Local 509 takes pride in our long-held reputation as a thoroughly democratic union. All members are encouraged to participate by supporting candidates of your choice, voting in union elections, nominating colleagues or running for office yourself!

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Save the Date: Annual Meeting Set for October 15!

Please join us for the 2016 SEIU Local 509 Annual Meeting — set for Saturday, October 15 in Westborough, MA!

Saturday, October 15
Doubletree Hotel
5400 Computer Drive | Westborough, MA

Registration details will be announced in the coming days. In the meantime, please check out the links below for important information on nominations for union office, procedures to amend the 509 Constitution and more.



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Procedures for Constitutional Amendments

To be considered this year, any proposed amendments to the SEIU Local 509 Constitution must be received at the Local 509 office by August 27, 2016 at 12:00pm. Any of the following methods can be used to propose an amendment:

  1. By petition signed by 50 members in good standing of Local 509
  2. By two-thirds vote of the Joint Executive Board (JEB), or
  3. By two-thirds vote of a Chapter Board

Each amendment requires a separate petition or vote in order to qualify. If more than one amendment is submitted on a single set of signatures or by a single vote by a Chapter Board or the Joint Executive Board, only the first proposed amendment will qualify.

Amendments that qualify will be printed in the election edition of 509 News and mailed to all Local 509 members at least 30 days before the annual meeting.

At the annual meeting on October 15, 2016 the amendments will be debated. They may be perfected (amended further) by majority vote. The members at the annual meeting will then decide by majority vote whether to send each amendment to the membership for ratification. If approved, a special constitutional amendment ballot will be mailed to the membership.

Amendment(s) will be approved if two-thirds (2/3) of those who vote support them. If approved by the membership, they will be sent to the International Union for review. Once approved, the amendments are added to the SEIU Local 509 Constitution. Contact Jenny Bauer at 617-924-8509-x516 with questions.

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