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Contract Details

Collective Bargaining Agreement: January 2017-December 2019
State Worker Contract: Updated Alliance Contract
2017-2019 Contract MoU
2014-16 Memorandum of Agreement (PDF*)

Grievance Forms
State Grievance Form (EditablePDF*)
State Grievance Form (PDF*)

State Benefits
MPEF Vision & Dental Health Plans
Retirement Information


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Reference: MassHealth Agreements

Here are three agreements that MassHealth members commonly have questions about:

Flextime Agreement for MassHealth

Four Day Work Week Agreement for MassHealth

Vacation Scheduling Agreement for MassHealth

Still have questions? Talk to your steward or reach out to your MassHealth Chapter President, Carol Butler, at

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May 14, 2019: SEIU 509 and the Baker-Polito Administration Announce Significant Reforms at the Department of Children and Families

SEIU 509 and the Baker-Polito Administration announced major reforms at the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to improve the lives and stability of children and youth that are served by DCF. The new series of reforms, some of which are currently underway or have been implemented, will further address the needs of children who have been removed from their biological families as a result of abuse or neglect.

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SEIU 509 Statement in Response to Auditor Bump’s Chapter 257 Audit

“The passage of Chapter 257 was a first step at leveling the playing field for human services workers across our Commonwealth. And now the verdict is in: Nearly ten years after its implementation, Chapter 257 has failed to substantially lift the wages of direct care workers.

Auditor Suzanne Bump’s analysis underscores a powerful ripple effect. When we invest in human service agencies, providers have stronger financial outcomes. And most importantly: we’ve improved patient care across our Commonwealth. But let me be clear: After hundreds of millions of dollars in rate increases, marginal raises for direct care workers is unacceptable.

Direct care workers provide the highest quality of care to the elderly, developmentally disabled, and those suffering from substance abuse and mental illness. These are not minimum wage jobs. Yet, many of these workers are hovering around minimum wage, with an average salary of just over $30,000 per year.

One job should be enough. By investing in the very people that care for the most vulnerable among us, we raise our Commonwealth’s quality of care to a higher standard.

We are grateful to Auditor Bump for this in-depth report, and we look forward to working alongside the legislature to ensure future Chapter 257 investments lift the wages of direct care human service workers.”

-Peter MacKinnon, President, SEIU Local 509

SEIU Local 509 is the union for human service workers, including thousands of the frontline, direct care workers at provider organizations that received funding increases after Chapter 257 was enacted. For more information about private sector direct care working conditions in the state, contact Megan Piccirillo at (973) 668-8999.

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Thank you for making Lobby Day a success!

On April 10, hundreds of 509 members came together at the State House to fight for bills that matter to us, like the Fair Share Amendment – a bill that would generate more revenue for public transportation and public education in our communities. Click here to see more photos from the day.

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2019 SEIU 509 Scholarship

The SEIU 509 Scholarship Program funds educational scholarship awards for SEIU 509 union members and their dependents. Dependents are defined as children of members, or children under direct care of the member — such as a grandchild or foster child. These scholarships each range from $1,000 to $1,500.

Program Guidelines

  • Each member or dependent must fill out the below SEIU 509 Scholarship application by May 10, 2019.
  • To apply for a scholarship for a member or dependent of a member, the member must be considered a “member in good standing” as defined in the SEIU 509 Constitution.
  • Dependents of members can be high school seniors or currently enrolled in undergraduate studies at an accredited educational institution.
  • Members can be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or PhD program.
  • The awards may be paid to the educational institution or student with proof of enrollment.
  • No member or dependent may be awarded more than one SEIU 509 scholarship per academic year.
  • Some scholarships are specific to members from a specific sector — others are assigned to associate members or officers and stewards.
Winners will be selected at random from the pool of qualified applicants. The drawing will take place May 14, 2019. Some applicants will qualify for activist scholarship awards, by random selection, based on the member’s demonstrated commitment to the growth of SEIU 509 and the Labor Movement during the last calendar year. This could include:
  • Helping to organize not-yet-unionized workers into a union.
  • Active support of candidates for public office or ballot questions supporting positions endorsed by the members of SEIU 509.
  • Encouraging member activism and building strength in their worksite.

Aplicación Española

English Application

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25 Years of the Pacheco Law

In commemoration of the Pacheco Law’s 25-year anniversary, this paper commences a larger project built around a careful study of public contracting in an era of privatization. We propose to draw lessons from the Massachusetts experience with the Pacheco Law along with experiences from similar policy initiatives elsewhere to inform a national dialogue on good public management. This is especially critical at a time when the institutions of democratic public service are under severe stress.

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Mass Health Chapter Contract Update


Congratulations MassHealth chapter on having the most up-to-date trainees with our union regarding the Janus Supreme Court case!

Right now, The MassHealth chapter leadership is negotiating with management to implement a phone-free and part-time work week schedule for our members.

Also, MassHealth leaders will be holding member meetings at all offices to educate their members about the contract and the upcoming Supreme Court decision.

Plus, steward elections are coming up this month!

If you have any questions, contact Mass Health Chapter President Carol Butler.

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Thank you for a successful 2018 Lobby Day!

    On April 11th, SEIU 509 members successfully lobbied at the State House for legislation and budget items that affect our specific chapters, as well as broader issues affecting the working people of Massachusetts.  Specifically, we advocated for GIC health insurance reform, state contract ratification and our $15 minimum wage plus Paid Family & Medical Leave ballot initiatives.  Our Lobby Day actions are critical to getting our legislation passed!
    We thank you for your support and participation! We will keep you updated on our progress with these efforts.  Remember, our voice is stronger when we come together to ask for actions on issues that matter the most to us. Here are some pictures:
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SEIU 509 joins “Save Our Public Services” community coalition


SEIU 509 joins a coalition of community organizations, business groups, labor unions, religious congregations, and advocates who want to protect the vital public services funded by the Massachusetts state sales tax.

The proposed initiative petition would reduce state revenues by about $1.25 billion annually, necessitating severe cuts to local schools, public safety, roads, transit, health programs, and other vital services. This extreme proposal would cut the state’s second largest source of revenue by 20 percent.

“We’re in the middle of an opioid crisis, but this dangerous ballot question would divert millions of dollars away from critical social services like addiction treatment, homelessness prevention, and mental health counseling,” said Peter MacKinnon, President of SEIU Local 509. “As social workers and clinicians, we know first-hand that Massachusetts can’t afford such severe budget cuts when we’re trying to fight this public health emergency.”

SEIU 509 members are committed to opposing this ballot question and protecting the critical local services funded by the sales tax.

To set up an interview with SEIU 509 President Peter MacKinnon, contact us at

To learn more about the coalition, please visit:

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SEIU 509 IST chapter improves working conditions

This year, the Institutional School Teachers chapter accomplished the following wins:

  • First, we have successfully convinced management that IST academic teachers should have the same sick-time formula as all other Department of Corrections employees. Now, IST academic teachers will now earn 1.5 more sick days per year.
  • Second, we successfully negotiated a proposed management change to the 2018-19 school year calendar for Ed Specs. Management requested to have a mandatory week off moved from the end of August to the end of July, which would have given the vocational calendar’s 22 weeks of instruction without a break. The final week in August was reinstated due to union meeting with management.
  • Third, we saved Part Two of our new Supplementary Agreement to preserve workers’ rights and ensure that we are paid for any additional work-weeks that could be added to our school year in the future.

Thank you IST members for your hard work to date! If you have any questions, contact our IST Chapter President Linda Delman at

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