Department of Revenue

The mission of the DOR CSE Chapter is to put children first by protecting their economic well being. The agency enforces the financial responsibility of parenthood by assisting in the establishment of paternity and child support orders and monitoring and collecting child support.

DOR Chapter Officers
President Jim Cunningham
Vice President & Grievance Secretary  Eric Rios
Recording Secretary Joe Imperato
Joint Executive Board Lauren Connolly
Joint Executive Board Chris Landry
Health & Safety Director Ed Kiley
Chapter Board Laura Adams
Chapter Board David Foley
Chapter Board Keyla Russo

With a 93.5% YES vote, SEIU 509 State Workers approve their new contract!

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Congratulations! With a 93.5% YES vote, SEIU 509 state workers just ratified their tentative agreement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
UNIT 8 93.4% 6.6%
UNIT 10 97.3% 2.7%
Total 93.5% 6.5%

Over the past year, members stood in solidarity with the union bargaining committee and took action at work sites. As a result, SEIU 509 state workers won a new contract that offers more pay, more job security and better working conditions.


Some highlights include:

  • Pay increases for three years, including a retroactive wage increase for 2017,
  • Preservation of sick time,
  • Longer vacation periods, and
  • Grievance process improvements.
There are also additional contract language improvements throughout the agreement, including agency-specific language gains for several different chapters.
Thank you members for your hard work and for supporting the bargaining team throughout these negotiations. It was the members and their co-workers who proved that when we stand together as a union, we win!
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Congrats to all 2017 scholarship winners!

Each year, our SEIU Local 509 Scholarship Program funds more than a dozen educational scholarship awards for fellow members and their dependents.
Each of these scholarships range from $1,000 to $1,500 — many awards are based on member’s demonstrated commitment to the union’s growth over the last calendar year. From this year’s pool of qualified applicants, winners were drawn at random.
Congrats to all the winners, and stay tuned for information about next year’s application process!

Daniel Connerty, DOC
Danielle Henry, DTA
Diana Pereira-Velez, DTA
Ethel Everett, DCF
Euphemia Molina, DCF
Italienne Guillaume, Bridgewell
Johnson Odewale, DMH
Joyce Girardi, DMH
Kevin Higgins, Old Colony Elder Services
Kimberly Daughtry, MassHealth
Kristen Tully, DCF
Lisa Rooney, DDS
Lori Cassier, DCF
Michael Grow, DMH
Paul Kelly, DTA
Raymond Obeng, DDS
Stephanie Klink, MRC/DDS Worcester
Stephen Beloa, Bridgewell
Tiana Davis, Masshealth
Umberto Uku, Bridgewell

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DOR Chapter Update – January 2014

Brothers and Sisters,

First off, I’d like to thank the members who endorsed me in my campaign for Chapter President. A warm welcome as well to Eric Rios as our Vice President and Secretary of Grievances. Our new leadership team looks forward to representing all the members at DOR — and with 20 + years of service in child support and an active member in our union for many years, I plan to use my experience , knowledge, and common sense to guide us through the tough decisions that effect our daily work conditions.

The number one priority now is our contract. I recently attended two contract negotiations meetings. At the most recent session on December 20, management again came to the table without any contract offer. It became clear that the Administration had no intention to move forward with negotiations in any meaningful way, and our bargaining team collectively agreed to walk out. Contract negotiations are often a slow and tedious process, and it appears our employer wants us to change contract language for their benefit and offer only a minuscule cost of living increase in the end. We needed to show the Administration we mean business, and we certainly did.

On the local front, the following committees are still active: Career Ladder, Supplemental Agreement M, Promotional Process Guidelines and Health & Safety (which is active in our Chelsea bed bug situation). A special thanks goes out to Jenn Doe, our field representative, who has been actively engaged in our Chelsea situation.

I’d like to welcome any and all members to attend our monthly Chapter meetings, which take place on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6PM at our union headquarters (100 Talcott Ave in Watertown). Please check our SEIU 509 calendar for any changes.

Please feel free to contact me at 617-626-2730 or if you have any questions, comments or concerns in the coming months. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

Jim Cunningham
DOR/CSE Chapter President

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House Bill 59: It Goes Too Far.

The personal stories of workers featured in the above video paint a clear picture of what’s at stake in House Bill 59 — Governor Deval Patrick’s proposed changes to retiree healthcare. Simply put, HB59 goes to far.

Under House Bill 59, workers just two or three years from retirement could see the rules changed so drastically they would have to work another 22 years to receive promised benefits. The legislation has its biggest impact on low-wage workers, and offers no real cost-saving measures other than spiking out-of-pocket expenses for seniors – meaning future retirees will bear 100% of the cost burden of these reforms. Even worse, HB59 penalizes workers who must take a leave of absence for the birth of a child or death of a loved one.

That’s why hundreds of workers across the commonwealth are taking action to educate their legislators about the negative impact of House Bill 59 — testifying at public hearings, sending letters to Representatives and Senators, and meeting face-to-face with key legislative leaders. You can take action today to protect retiree healthcare.

Retiree Healthcare Click Here Button Additional Resources

  • Read Local 509 President Susan Tousignant’s testimony on House Bill 59 here.
  • Access the proposed legislation in its entirety by clicking here.
  • Download the Special Commission’s report on Retiree Healthcare here.
  • Invite fellow concerned workers to contact their legislators here.
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Alliance Contract Negotiations in Full Swing!

MRC Lowell Staff Rally for a Fair Contract

Workers at MRC Lowell were among the thousands of state employees wearing “Fair Contract NOW!” stickers on the first day of negotiations.

State contract negotiations are already in full swing, and Local 509 members are more prepared than ever for the potential fight ahead. Dozens of leaders prepped at Bargaining Team caucus meetings, and more than 1,700 members responded to our contract survey –- sharing their ideas, concerns and priorities for the upcoming negotiation sessions. This trove of information will serve as the foundation for many of the proposals we put forward in the coming weeks, and we are fired up and ready to go!

The first Alliance Contract negotiation session took place on July 31, and Local 509 members put their solidarity on full display. Thousands of state workers rocked their ‘Fair Contract NOW’ stickers to send management a clear message: let’s get this thing done! (Check out the Local 509 Facebook Page to see a few of the many photos members sent in throughout the day.)

With so much at stake in this contract — from wages to benefits to working conditions — it’s incredibly important that as many workers as possible get engaged in the negotiation process. A quick and easy way to get involved is to sign up for the Contract Action Team (CAT) for your chapter/worksite. As a CAT member, you’ll communicate important negotiation updates to co-workers at your worksite and help mobilize members for key contract actions as the process moves forward.

Workers have set a goal of building a 750-member CAT team in the coming weeks, so there’s no shortage of opportunities to make a difference. Together we can win a strong contract for all state workers!

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DOR Chapter Update – June 2013

Israel Pierre, the new Treasurer of Local 509, has been accompanying me on visits to our DOR office sites. It has been great for both of us to see and talk with you all. If we haven’t been to your office yet we should be there soon!

The Career Ladder Committee continues to meet with management and seek ways to post upgrades. We were successful with more than 20 new promotional positions between HD and Enforcement work, and will now study the case initiate and CSB sides of the agency to see what we can come up with. As I type, workers are listing duties and will soon be provided with surveys to rate each duty.

It appears that we have finally convinced management that transfers are a good thing. Some of you have just received the good news — and as slots open, hopefully this opportunity will be available to others on the list.

The Local is doing a great job of making training available, so keep your eye on the web site for dates and places. Also, the long awaited Union member supervisors training will be available later in the year. We are actively seeking younger members who would like to become active in the Union as well.

There are many ways to participate in the coming months — a steward/active member day in September, our annual meeting and elections in October and a three-day conference next April to help plan the Union’s future.

Finally, as contract talks begin we are seeking more office coordinators to relay news and action requests to coworkers. This is a simple and rewarding way to become involved. The more people who are engaged in the process, the better the result. So please let one of the Union officers in your office know if you are willing to participate.

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DOR Chapter Update – December 2012

Unfortunately Local 509 has not been able to come to an agreement with Management regarding telecommuting for our members.. The basic reason for this can be found within the agreement itself which states: Employees will use only government owned computer equipment when performing official duties. Employees who are allowed to telecommute should never use their own equipment….

509 has only 15 members who have been issued company lap tops which represents only 3.5 % of our membership. These lap tops are currently being used for DTA and court duty.We offered many suggestions such as purchasing a limited number of rotating lap tops for each office but were informed this was not possible. With no hope of that number expanding we thought it best to leave the door open for a future agreement when many of our members could be eligible.

Maybe when it’s time to replace our current desk top terminals we can all be issued lap tops instead. Now that makes sense and could make us all eligible to participate in this program.

Thank you to those who have signed up to become Stewards and take the training which is offered. If you did not get into the current session there will be others in the near future.

Please take the opportunity to stop by the Union open house on Dec 11 from 5 to 7 and introduce yourself.

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.

John Tortelli

Chapter Elections Update

Congratulations to Jim Cunningham who won the chapter election for Secretary of Grievances.
Thank you to all who participated as both candidates and voters.

The votes were as follows:

Cunningham 68
Landry 39
Barile 9
Joseph 7

In the Union wide election Israel Pierre was elected Treasure with 794 votes to Arthur Casey’s 631. Chris Crean is our new Recording Secretary with 899 votes.

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DOR Chapter News – September 2012

We are pleased to announce that the Local 509 Career Ladder Committee (John Tortelli, Keven Milan, Chris Landry and Nicole Poulin-DiCaprio) are currently engaged in talks with management on the possibility of trying to restructure some of our positions to merit a grade increase. This invitation to sit down came after our recent meeting with Commissioner Amy Pitter where we (the Local) stressed the need for some kind of a career ladder and separation of duties between grades. We are most appreciative of the opportunity and hope to make the most of it for our members. If you have any suggestions as always went want to hear them, please pass along to a Chapter Board member.

Another recent accomplishment has been reaching agreement with management on the use of travel time for those workers who wish to participate in Comets HD development. The Department should be issuing guidelines shortly and we hope this will encourage those of you distant from Chelsea to participate as this new system will be your future.

We continue to be hopeful on reaching an agreement on Telecommuting but the current offer on the table would only cover about 3% of the 509 membership. Hopefully this can be expanded to make all who want eligible.

A number of us on the Chapter Board are contemplating retirement in the next few years so this is a perfect time for younger members to come and learn the ropes. New ideas are always welcome and appreciated. The Union itself is also looking for members to become active on many different issues, many of which do not require much time on your part. Watch the Union emails and web site for opportunities to become the best member you can.

The Best
John Tortelli, DOR Chapter President

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Update from SEIU International Convention in Denver

Derek Goodwin and I had the pleasure of attending the SEIU conference in Denver last week.

Some of the convention highlights were:

Both Derek and DCF President Peter MacKinnon gave inspiring talks to the convention from the floor regarding amendments, hopefully these will soon be available on the 509 web site.

Union leadership is listening to members on issues taking a bottom up approach instead of just dictating.

More training will be offered around Union issues and developing future leaders.

The attendance reflected the diversity of SEIU membership.

The 99 % issue is world wide for all those seeking a just society.

The Union will be devoting time and money to elect and reelect those politicians who support issues of the 99 % and hold them accountable after election.

President Obama addressed the convention via closed circuit television giving a moving speach to support our issues.

Elections were also held for internal Union officers. We can all be proud that our own President Susan Tougsinant was among those elected to national office.

There was also an ample amount of time to meet delegates from other areas. It’s good to be from MA as we are not facing the cuts and obstacles that many others are.

Next convention scheduled in four years for Detroit.

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DOR Chapter Update – February 2012

The DOR Chapter continues to hold its regular monthly Chapter Board meetings and regularly scheduled Labor Management meetings,If you have an issue that needs attention please let one of the Chapter officers know so we can schedule it for discussion.

This year is shaping up to be a very active and important year for Unions politically as many candidates are openly calling for taking away Unions hard won rights, be sure to learn all you can about someone running for office before you vote.

The Chapter board recently met with Union legal staff (thank you Kate Shea) regarding Civil Service which seems to be the fairest way to administer the promotional process. Exams are given and a list formulated based on passing marks. We would like to hear how the membership feels on this subject before we try to take it further.

We have set up a meeting with Kate Shea a Union Attorney to discuss the problems facing those who have been denied reclassification. The meeting is scheduled for March 1 in Watertown, release time should be available for a few member from each office to attend.
Hopefully some valuable insight can be gained into the classification process.
Unfortunately the line seems to be drawn that case management is an A/B position,
as I have mentioned before we have brought this issue up at Labor/Management, OER, contract talks, and Civil Service to no avail.

Recently there was a lot of wasted negative energy out there about having to wait a few weeks for funding of the new 1.5% pay increase. This is just normal practice as funding needs to be approved at the start of a new contract. I hope these same members will devote half that energy to Union causes. Remember your Union is only as strong as you want it to be, it is in unity that we get things done.

The Local will be offering monthly member education on different topics of use to stewards and members at locations throughout the state. One program of special interest will cover how to supervise and be a good Union member, I hope everyone in a supervisory position will plan to attend. Various levels of stewards training should also be offered. Union release time is available for attendance at these sessions so watch the Union web site for details and sign up.

It’s great to see so many promotional and transfer positions available at DOR. We have been asking for upward movement and worker transfers for a while now and I know members are pleased that management was finally able to respond. We expect to see the transfer process continue.

If you would like to become active in the Union at any level please get in touch.

All the best

John Tortelli

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