Since 2009, higher education professionals, direct care staff and early childhood educators have come together for a voice at work by voting to join SEIU Local 509 — the Massachusetts Union for Human Service Workers & Educators.

Tired of working for less and not receiving the dignity and respect we deserve on the job, we formed our union by working collectively to build a strong organization. Ours is a democratic union, led by human service workers and educators with the support of a professional staff.

Through the collective bargaining process, we’ve been able to negotiate for better wages, a formal voice in the workplace and many other important improvements. We’ve also built a strong grassroots network to advocate for progressive policies that strengthen the communities we serve.

At 2o,000 strong and growing each day, our union has emerged as one of the most vocal, effective organizations on issues that affect educators and human service workers in the workplace, on Beacon Hill and in Washington. Join us today!

Click here to join with your co-workers to form a union at your workplace.

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